Why are MBS Janitorial Services Recommended?

  1. We’re the 24/7, 365-day single source provider for all your commercial cleaning service needs – whether you need a one-time service call or an ongoing maintenance program.
  2. MBS Janitorial Services operates locally. If you require multiple services – we’ll provide across-the-board expertise for commercial cleaning service (in addition to any of our other services you need), conveniently integrated under one contract.
  3. No surprises. Beginning with the RFP, you tell us what you expect, and our pricing is based on meeting those expectations. You'll learn ways to reduce unnecessary costs plus get a fair price for our services. You can be confident that your money is being carefully and wisely spent. 

  • Mop Floor 

Floor Cleaning

  • Sweep Walkways
  • Remove Debris
  • Pickup Trash